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Hello, I have created a cluster of CUCMs and 2 CUCM IM and Presence servers. Everything is based on IP address; I do not have any DNS configuration. But for Jabber and Webex, DNS configuration seems a must. So, I need to add DNS for CUCM and Presence...

Resolved! UCM Informix Query for Device

All, I am trying to align a device, e.g. IP Phone with the UCM Node in which the device registers to.  My version of UCM is 9.1.2.  I have used the following syntax to obtain various information such as EndUser, Class, Model, etc.  which works fine.r...

dgauthier by Beginner
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Codec mismatch IP Phone

We have a hosted phone service and have been seeing audio dropouts occasionally. With a packet sniffer I confirmed that packets weren't being dropped in either direction but I did see a codec mismatch. On one "problem" call (the only one I've capture...

murraymwps by Beginner
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Resolved! What are the meaningful advantages/disadvantages of SIP vs. SCCP phones on CUCM 9+

Before we buy lots of phones, can you tell me if there's any good reasons why we should use one protocol over the other?  (with CUCM 9 or higher)  Does it makes sense to just leave any new phones we buy working as SCCP?...or are there some really goo...

voip7372 by Enthusiast
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Cisco 7960G malformed packets

I have two 7960G phones which were using SCCPI have just upgraded them to POS3-05-3-00 to work for SIPSInce upgrading both phones are now sending malformed packets and a wireshark trace show no checksum on the packet.Can anyone suggest how I might ch...

Resolved! CDR Codes Definition Detail

Hi All Could someone please tell me hoiw to find out who disconnects the call and how do we know it from CDR ? e.g.  If DN 1001 calls DN 2001 and after the call establishment its disconnected, how come we know who disconnects the call ? In CDR, I fou...