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Resolved! CUCM 8.6 upgrade to 9.1(2)

Hello all,I've done some 8.5 upgrades to 9.1 so I'm quite familiar with the refresh upgrade process and the additional server downtime vs. say and 8 to 8.5.On reading the upgrade guide for CUCM 9.1(1), I stumbled across this line on page 5 -"You cann...

phone url parameters CUCM

Hi,I have upgraded from 6.1 to 9.1 successfully by restoring 6.1 complete data, In Enterprise parameter in PHONE URL PARAMETERS sections  i see that instead of publisher IP there is subscrber IP, and the subcriber i have already deleted from the publ...

Phone status using CUCI-Lync

Hello, I've been experimenting with CUCI-Lync, it seems to be working OK with one exception.   Off-hook/on-call status is never being reflected in the Lync client.  I'm sure there's something I need to enable to make that happen, but I'm not seeing i...