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Hello,If I am reading this right a call pickup group allows everyone in that group to pickup  each others calls.  If that is correct I am looking for a way to have a group of DNs all able to pickup a single other DN.  possible?    All replies rated. ...

Hi All, Numbers from people dialing IN are displaying with a "91" prior to the number and is also saving to the directory that way.  Of course, this makes redialing the number form the directory unsuccessful as our dial out prefiex is not 9.  This wa...

tommydubs by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to get a CME ISR bundle ordered with 25 CME/SRST licenses. Both some of the Cisco guys and Distribution are confused over licensing. My question is; do I need a license for the 9951 on the ISR CME system that is bundled with 25 users (l...

bjames by Level 5
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  Hi All..I am trying to set up mobile connect and have configured all parmeters ie End User, RDP etc etc,However, when I call the DDI of my softphone the softphone rings but the RDP ( in this case my mobile) does not....Is there anything i am missin...

taylor.p by Level 1
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