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I am looking for Call Manager 8.5 ordering guide. I was not able to find it online. I want to know latest shipping IBM servers for Call Manager 8.5.I am looking for the same for Unity Connection 8.5.I appreciate your help...Thanks

Hi All,I have two sites HQ and BR1, I used HQ CUCM for conferencing:CFB_02 and CFB_03 and  TRANSCODER ==== >>>> HQ_MRG ====>> HQ_MRGL ===>> HQ_DP.and we can consider BR1_MRG is empty, Actually it has HW_CONF.HQ_Phone1 called HQ_Phone2 then HQ_phone1 ...

Hi all,I'm wondering a strange pb with my ATA 187 registered with cucm 8.0.3, the issue is when i'm sending a fax it will be ok but when i want reveiving one i get the message debug: netwwork out of order via debug isdn q931my architecture is like:FA...

Hi,I have a voice translation rule:voice translation-rule 1 rule 1 /\(.*\)/ /xxx/ (where xxx is the ext that all incoming calls are going to)And this works fine.  Question is, can I add another extension so that all incoming calls call 2 extensions?T...

HiI have the following scenario.4 Companies in one building using Callmanager.2 routers A and B and 4 x e1'scompany A uses router A and its own E1company B users router A and its own E1company C uses router B and its own E1company D users router B an...

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