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I have seen many threads on this but none seem to work for me.  We have a SIP trunk to our provider and use a CUBE.  I am trying to make a dial peer that route only one caller to a specific extension.  I have made dial-peers and TP's to try to make t...

We have a problem with ATA 190 and CME 10.5 router IOS: 15.4(3)M3 We can't create the cnf.xml for ATA 190 The configuration: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<voice register pool-type ATA-190 reference-pooltype ATA-187voice register global mode cme sou...

Hello Guys   I have an FXO port on my 2911 router , i got 2 x lines  from PSTN to be used for FAX , we dont use ATA can i connect 2 x FAX Machine to these 2 port   currently my internal DN like 2XXX   what is the necessary configuration do i need to ...

Hello Experts,   We would like to delete all the expired certs in the CUCM / CUC Cluster. There are 100s of them, so is there anyway to delete it in bulk? We are planning to migrate our cluster to 11.5 shortly, so if there is an option to delete duri...

I need to setup two 7975G phones to run SIP communicating with an Asterisk PBX server (connected on the same network).  I have the phones connecting to the server via DHCP, and they have downloaded and updated their firmware.   I just need to setup A...

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