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"CallManager-trust" certificates in Unity Connection

Hi,I'm going through some clusters cleaning up expiring certificates.  One thing that's puzzling me is that Unity Connection has "CallManager-trust" certificates, but apparently no underlying "CallManager" self-signed certificates to be regenerated. ...

TONY SMITH by Collaborator
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Resolved! Connection Digital Networking Replication Agent Service not starting

CUC Unity 12.5  2 servers   Pub and SubThis service is not starting and RTMT keeps sending alerts about it -  Connection Digital Networking Replication Agent  -I have tried to start the service in Connection Serviceability and I am unsuccessful .Does...

chrherr17 by Beginner
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Resolved! CUBE dial-peer, problem selecting outbound dial-peer.

I am unable to determine why my configuration doesn't work. CUBE configuration attached. Interesting dial-peers are 134, 13401 and 13402. And "voice class e164-pattern-map 134" Outbound call are met with this error: 1148: Jul 28 07:46:52.049: //27764...

CUCM 11.5.1 Extension to Extension sometimes fails or one-way audio

Hi Everyone,I have 1 publisher and 1 subscriber System version: have started moving all of our sites/locations to Meraki SDWAN. It seems that immediately after that, we started having ext to ext dialing, one-way audio, straight to v...

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