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Hello all,I'm investigating the setup and configuration guides for a migration from UCCE to WxCCE.Currently the best documentation I can find for this is here, however this isn't spec'd for WxCCE. Am I far off to assume the WxCCE functionality is unl...

h4yf by Beginner
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Hello, when I check the data sources I got the following message from Live Data Streaming Data Sources: and then a new tab is open with the message 502 Bad Gateway. I have checked the browser messages and I see the following: seem something related...

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CoDeC by Beginner
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Hi,I installed finesse 11.6.1 on my esxi machine successfully. When I try to access it going to the url http(s):IP address:8445/desktop it states that finesse refused the connection, and mentions something about checking the firewall  Do I have to lo...

UCCE 12.5Seeing an unknown reason code, 64905 in Agent Not Ready Detail reports (CUIC), and within the HDS, Agent_Event_Detail table.  I found no mention of this RC in the DB Schema, nor from searching the web.  I'm curious if it's related to Finesse...

Hello, This is regarding a UCCE environment version 12.6(2). We have successfully installed CUIC 12.6(2). When checking the data sources, there was only the Real Time & Historical data sources available to be configured; the Live Data Data Source is ...

ln33147 by Enthusiast
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select replace("naam","from_naam","voornaam"); UPDATE herkansiingSET afdeling = 'schoonmaken'WHERE ID= 2; DELETE FROM herkansiing WHERE tel nummer='0639573920; zoeken-wijzig-replace-delete-update 4 quarys doen in examen= CRUD- Create-Read-Update-D...

Bob420 by Beginner
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We'd like to run a report that lists all the calls that were missed today. This should allow us to call these people back ASAP. The "Abandoned Call Detail Activity" report in UCCX Historical Reports only lists the calls that we not answered by agents...

Can anyone help me understand the difference if any between the update application shell script with ES10 applied and without it. I am noticing some issues with ES10 applied where on using the update application script to update any VXML application,...