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I would like to ask someone to help me with basic script. I am beginner and I am trying to configure basic switch/menu option.script plays helpdesk prompt and it expects number. I am testing option 3 which should redirect call to Networking team (hun...

halama by Beginner
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Hi guys.Does anyone has experience in SIP headers modification on CVP (10.5 and higher)? In ICM script it is possible to add data into header, like "Refer-To~sub~>~?Call-Info=TEST DATA>" in Call.SIPHeader.But I need to change Referred-By header. By d...

Hi All, I need to retrieve a specific call recording (older than 7 days) that is supposedly saved on the UCCX server. I am unable to find any specific document or procedure to retrieve such a recording.  How to retrieve such a specific call recording...

Hi, we have a HA Dialler set up and discovered the following  We see a record in side A with a C record indicating that the record is closed. However if we view the dialler table in side B, we see the same call record in the P state. The issue report...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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We have an initial IVR script that presents the caller with 5 departments to transfer to, the 5 scripts have the PostCallTreatment setup on them and all of them transfer to a script responsible for capturing the agent extension and adding a "#" to se...

Hello All,I have to create a call center script in which the main greeting will allow the user to select the Language. Upon the language selection, the call will play the submenu with the selected language. In the submenu, we have 3 options, 1 for Sa...

We are using UCCX v 12.5 , And we have VIP costumers we want to set priority to these costumers in the application script to be the first in the queue , They are calling us using thier mobile phones , we need to set thier numbers to highest priority....

m.sabir71 by Beginner
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Resolved! UCCX SendMail Step

Dear,I have a UCCX Mail Script that record voice and send that voice as attachment to mailbox.everything works fine. until the mail policy changes, they change default smtp port from 25 to 587, and disable sending anonymous uccx webpage on s...