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AMA Forum- Design, Deployment & Troubleshooting on CCE CUIC & LiveData

Ask Me Anything Event From Wednesday, 16th November, 2022 until Tuesday, 29th November, 2022 Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) is a reporting platform for users of Cisco Contact Center products. It is a web-based application that provides Hist...

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Agent can not login to finesse

Hello cisco community.   We have a ucce depmoyment . Agents  are facing  issue to login to Cisco finesse.   SSPI handshake failed with error code 0x8009030c, state 14 while establishing a connection with integrated security; the connection has been c...

Rima by Beginner
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Resolved! UCCX 11.6 uccx to cuick sync failed

I have RTMT Alerts stating uccx to cuic failed.The AppID showing the failures is Cisco Unified CCX Cluster Veiw DaemonDoes the cli command : utils uccx synctocuic all  -  have an impact or can it be done at anytime with no impact ?  Or there is some ...

lleweyiss by Participant
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UCCX - Resource Selection Criteria

I have a low call volume call center that I want to allocate the calls equally amoung the agents.The call center queue takes a total of 50 calls a day for 10 agents.  All 10 agents have the same assigned skills and priorities.The Resource Selection C...

Configure Custom userdata in UCCE

During receiving a call in the Finesse desktop we receive in the ringing event in the UserData block several variables that are not defined in the configuration.Does anyone have any idea where those variables can be added to the UserData block?

bob626bob by Beginner
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CCX Script to search UDS using ANI

Our goal is to match the ANI(corporate cell phone and/or corporate phone, both are stored in uds) to a uds record so we can pull the e-mail address of the caller and follow up via e-mail or another application that uses the e-mail address as it's req...

CCX API Call to External Site

Hoping someone could shed some light on the proxy configuration for CCX. I'm writing a script the formats the ANI, queries the UDS records of the CM, pulls e-mail from the UDS records and then includes that e-mail as part of a REST API call body to a...

CCX-Agent customize Report

Dears,I was asked to generate the following reports from the CCX (Finesse). I have CCX 11.6 version.Please advise.01. Dashboard Report (Agent Login, Number of calls per Agent (Inbound & Outbound)02. Average Holding Time03. Average Talk Time04. Call S...