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We have an internal CA server running to issue certificates for our internal servers.  I have issued certificate for both my UCCX servers.  I have added to the UCCX servers, and they are added to my workstation.  Including the CA authority certificat...

HI Team    I need KSD Document which includes basic issues that comes in UCCX and their resolutions sets    Can anyone help me here please ?   Also i need Finesse training document for end users    Regards Sabir 

I have a request to provide a report which will show abandoned calls coming into a queue, or to agents in the queue after transfer. The request would also like to know if the call was abandoned after 1 ring, 2 rings, etc.   I am new to the Cisco UCM ...

Hi we have recently upgraded our UCCX from 10.6 to 11.5 . I have noticed that on the secondary the "Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting Service" is stuck on initializing and that I cannot access the "Cisco Unified Serviceablility" getting err...

markbatts by Level 1
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Resolved! Script Question

Hi Everyone I'm in the process of teaching myself how to create scripts for UCCX. So I watched a video on youtube and I followed the steps but when I call my trigger the  phone just rings and I get an annunciator saying that we have system issues ins...

Dear all Good day I have developed a script to evaluate call center agents. The script is connected to DATEBASE. First DB write was developed and test successfully. I was able to update the datebase table “ agentsurvey” Second DB read was developed a...

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AOMD by Level 1
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Hello,   I was curious how to correct this issue.  We use a call handler to set open/close hours before directing to a UCCX application.  We also have hours set there for any calls that slip through.  The issue I am running into is calls that are in ...

B_VOIP_NE by Level 1
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