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Hi, I need to know what's the best way to migrate UCCX 8.5.1 from PHY to VM. I have two MCS running UCCX 8.5.1 and I have two UCS located in two different location. My question is this: Can I delete node 2 then configure and install it in VM but then...

Hi,I'm trying to launch an web application from a workflow.I have setup the workflow and manage to pop the web page if I use http://webaddress/however I need to add some data on the end of the urlfor example the application cmd line is http://webaddr...

m.batts by Enthusiast
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Recently, there is an issue which I have encountered the issue with the DB out of sync on Logger A/B.Not sure, what has caused the DB to go out of sync. It has observed that CLGR process on Logger B is toggling between Active/Restart as seeing on NM ...

Hello. In a client we added a new queue message and deleted an older one.Let us say that new message says 5-6-7-8 and that deleted message says 1-2-3-4. We are having some kind of problem because when I make a call to client and get the queue message...

jcarvalh by Beginner
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