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Hi Team,   We want to change Finesse Session Timeout which had default 30 Minutes on UCCX. Do you know Maximum time for session timeout? Is there any way to make it unlimited session? and Is there any impact if it can be set as unlimited session?   ...

Finesse Timeout.JPG

Hello everyone,  I'm configuring an IVR on UCCX that has a menu to dial the digit for the option the customer wants to talk to. When calling from an extension registered on CUCM, the option is selected and forwards the call as I configured on the scr...

Anybody know if there is UCCE 14 planned?  If yes what is the ETA?Or is there going to be numerous SU releases for current 12.5 / 12.6 versions and no v14?Thanks 

Engnr by Level 1
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I have a list of customer numbers with are associated to agents. There is 10 agents and about 12000 numbers. Each number is associated to one of that 10 agents. My case is to check incoming number and route it to an agent.  I have no option to store ...

Genadi by Level 1
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Hi , Need clarification, I made a call to PQ and agent where busy. CCB application got played and it told me hold time was 16 min, I selected a call back and less than  3 min it call me back.  why the huge discrepancy?  Can you anyone help me to und...

This situation drives me absolutely nuts. Got a call from a customer.  Their UCCX server was throwing an error when the script tried to transfer to voicemail.  I cracked open the script, and saw the call redirect.  Debugged it, and sure enough, it wa...