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Hello,     I've configured a wallboard to pull information from RtCSQsSummary and RtICDStatistics.  Works fine, but these tables don't have enough information like which agents are currently logged in, what their states are, etc.  I understand that t...

We are having following error on our VGWDec 12 11:22:49 1923: 001029: Dec 12 11:24:47.240: %IVR-6-APP_INFO: TCL CVP ringtone.tcl: ******* Ringtone Zombie timer expired- call cleared ******* CallID = CAD58CA5.622C11E3.A5D9CEE3.83D4A68BCa...

I have just implemented a CSQ for our Help Desk.  I am not very strong with voice, but learning every day due to necessity.  The Help Desk manager will want to view stats and reports on things like the number of calls for the agents, number of missed...

Hi guys,ANy good docs on how to setup Call recording on UCCX 8.0? I know how to do it on earlier versions (windows) but here I am little bit confused, for example:-where are files stored? some posts here suggest you have only some 1.6 Gig for the rec...

goranpilat by Level 3
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Hi all,I have a problem on the QM compliance recording. I am using CUCM with version and using QM server for recording calls for UCC agents. However we met the problem that a quarter of calls will recorded fail everyday on every extens...

Dear there, Recently I have been trying to test CVP IVR Handoff function and found a document for CVP IVR Handoff.On the document,  I saw one of tcl file, which is  cvp_ivrhandoff.tclI am trying to find a sample file for cvp_ivrhandoff.tcl. but I can...

617408kim by Level 1
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Contact Center Express 8.5.1 and call recordingI can record and agent  without a problem, but when the agent is in a conference call it only records one of the conversations, not all 3 conferees.Is that normal or should all 3 people be recorded.

Hi all,we are facing one challenge in uccx solution with our customer that when system make an outbound call and customer doesn't pick the call then it starts playing IVR before end of AMD machine recording. We need to play the IVR only once the AMD ...

Hello, all. I need to have Call ID or a unique call identifier pass to an external application from CAD for UCCE. It looks like by default Call ID is not available to CAD. I can use call var to get the call ID and pass to CAD but that has to use ICM ...

fzhang by Level 1
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Resolved! OVA file

Hi ,Is there any way where we can find the OVA file which was used to build UCCX /CUCM server?the reason why I am asking is because we need to add secondary UCCX server  and I suppose OVA has to be same ?regds,aman

Aman Soi by VIP Alumni
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