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Hi,I'm trying to run a report for a single Agent over time an have values grouped by Month.  I don't see any examples of this.  The Report Def is using a Stored Procedure.  This is the output I'm hoping for (mockup), focus on Month column.  Any help ...

datuser01 by Level 1
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We would like to finely control how barge-in works on an initial prompt.  This is with Nuance 9.   This can be done in Nuance by resetting these two values for the prompt.  But how to do that with CVP?  I've tried setting these as VXML properties but...

Don Moore by Level 1
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We are having an interesting issue with how the CVP handles an "ambiguous result" from Nuance. This is in Spanish for a prompt that asks the caller to input an eight character alpha-numeric account number. In Spanish the names for the letters "V" and...

Don Moore by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to write a smiple UCCX CTI Application to query agent status using agentLoginID but I am getting a failure_conf with status 7 and Text: " Invalid field, PeripheralID: 0"As far as I Unders...

We are a small call center environment and sometimes we will have a long EWT that will shorten considerably as a shift starts or employees return from a lunch/break/meeting.  We will then have agents available and calls in queue.  Conversely, there a...

Hello team,this issue has been already discussed in this forum as the subject: Voice Browser machine information  23-04-2004 06:17:34 PM and was replied by "joe".I need to open the same topic again. The answer in forum is correct though it doesn't so...

Hi,We had our CRM which used Cisco OCX to communicate with Cisco dialer (CTIOS). As we come to know cisco OCX has been changes to finesse, we need the same to be used in our web page in place of ocx to communicate with cisco dialer. I am new to fines...

In CUIC we can only get up to 8000 lines of information when running our agent detail state report.  We are hoping to run the Agent State Detail Report with a SQL statement.  The SQL information we get from CUIC is: {call sp_agent_state_detail('2015-...