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Resolved! erase CDR informations

hey guy, I have a client who wants to absolutely erase any hint of call made by a telephone, that is no CDR, it is possible to configure a subscriber for not generate CDR or delete any such information via database, assuming that this information sho...

Resolved! Cisco Unified CME B-ACD and Tcl

Good afternoon, I have router Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(4)M6a, with app-b-acd- (this i upload to router because i dont find the scripts or TAR archive in the system)I just need B-ACD to run the ...

Translation Rule

Hi,The dialer sends an empty externtal number mask field to the GW. I would like to translate what I am receiving from the dialer (which is nothing) to 1888-234-12345. I am trying:Voice translation-rule 100rule 1 /^$/ /18881231234/Router#test voice t...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Unity Connection System Call Handler Caller Input allowed only after Standard Greeting

Hi All, Anyone know if there is a way to allow caller input only after the standard greeting is played on System Call Handler in Unity Connection 8.6? Basically we want the caller to listen the standard greeting first, then provide maybe 7-10 second ...

haidliu by Beginner
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Delay in calls

Hello , Lately we experience delay problems .For example when I hang up the phone it take the phone a few seconds until the call actually disconnect  or when I answer calls I hear ringback for few seconds before the call actually connect . It happend...

iptsupport by Participant
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How can I evenly split incoming calls between 2 employees without a shared voicemail?

I need to load balance a low volume of calls between 2 DNs.Incoming calls need to be evenly split between Employee1 and Employee2.  If they don’t answer the call, it needs to go to their personal voicemail, not a common voicemail account.I think the ...