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Hii, I have 2 UCS with 1 PUB and 1 SUB and I want to put a second LAN connection to the physical server in order to have redundancy If the first LAN port is down. Any ideas about how to finis this setup or some information/how to about the config.Pls...

gabiulici by Level 1
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                   I have just downloaded and installed Configuration Professional for the first time, ver 2.6. It runs fine when I install it and select "run" at the end of installation. However, when I try to start it from the icon on y desktop or ...

Can anyone tell me if there is a company out there that makes some sort of Braille Overlay that would lay over the top of the IP Phones.  With all the buttons on the phones, it can be a bit overwhelming for the visually impaired.Thank you Joe

hankej by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I was accessing the CUE by GUI (web interface) and not was accessing the CME. After apply the command file privilege 0 the problem inverted. I removed the command file privilegie 0, and  the CME stopped, but, the CME not stayed acces by GUI....

Hi all. We have some Cyberdata SIP Intercoms (call boxes) which are working fine on our CME ISR version 8.8 running (C2951-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(1)T. We would like to put all of them in a common paging group. We have multicast paging working t...

Jason Cox by Level 1
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