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Unity Connection can't transfer to AA

hello everyonei use Unity Connection for AA when the phone no answer after 15 second  i  set no answer transfer to 4000and the 4000 is a AA but when i call the phone and after 15 second the call  was transfer to 4000 but no IVR only ring i user RTMT ...

bo liu by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Variable MoH Content

Aside from a fixed MoH audio source I'm looking for a way to provide variable MoH content. I have a client with a series of commerical jingles they play on their MoH. Currently their strung together into a long WAV file, so the caller always hears th...

Resolved! Forwarding options in CUCM 9.1?

I have an Avaya background and that's what we currently use in our US locations.   As we slowly transition to CUCM, I'm finding little things I need to learn more about.  For example, for call coverage, Avaya uses what they call Cover Paths.  You cre...

voip7372 by Enthusiast
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easy h323 gateway question

                   Most of the gateways I have dealt with are for inbound and outbound calling. Have a situation of outbound dialing only. So I created a pots peer of destination-pattern 9.T.  Didn't work, I finally had to add a voip peer pointing ba...

whanson by Explorer
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