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HiI have an issue where a credit card terminal via a VG204 SCCP won't connect. I keep getting a communication error message. I am able to hook up an analog telephone and dial to where ever I want and i'm able to receive a call as well. I have this wo...

Dear,I was running 6.1 and i migrated to 9.1 successfully with no issues, i have 2 questions, i have tried that but i want experts confirmation.the service of EM has been changed  automaticaaly as per the below.but the users are able to login should ...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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I was just wondering if anyone could help with a quick question. From an 8945 can you dial an addresses like conf@conf.com used for video conferencing? Or can you only dial phone numbers? Not had much work with them, just want to know the feature set...

matthew-f by Beginner
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Hello,Scenario,7960 Phone:extenion : 5555 it is on phone linepartition: internalCSS: internal User Device Profile created for user for EM by choosing 7960 deviceextension : 5555 it is on user device profile linepartition: UDPCSS: GSM Question:when a ...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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