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Cisco IP Communicator over SSL VPN

hello allI have five laptops setup with Cisco IP Communicator All five laptops work fine on a LAN to LAN call as well as LAN to VPN or VPN to LAN calls.Four of the 4 laptops works fine on SSL VPN to SSL VPN call but one of them.I have checked the con...

ougwuoke by Beginner
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Active Directory Sync Issue

Dears,I am facing problem in sync CM with Microsoft AD, after configuring the LDAP directory it syn for the first time and get all the users and information in CM  after some time when i try to change telephone numbers in the AD for the users and tri...

Unity disaster recovery question

Hi all,    I am getting the following error and it was due to lack of space sense we have added more space an remove some file what do i have to do for the alarm to disappear.                      The last backup of Cisco Unity Connection failed. For...

Conference Option - CME

How am I able to get the conference button to appear on Cisco phones registered against CME? Is this option only available on certain phone models and do I need any sort of MTP or can the CME router handle the conference?I've had a look through some ...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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QoS help needed!!!!!!!!

I work from home and have a GRE tunnel to my office.  At home I have just 1 Cisco 7970 IP phone that connects to the office's CME.  I do not kave ay QuS experience and need some help setting it up so that the IP phone gets priority.My 7970 connects t...

Resolved! CUCM 7.1 Hunt number/name display

Hi We are running CUCM All 7942 phones loading firmware SCCP42.9-0-2SR1S.A hunt pilot is setup for internal use only. When internal DN 1234 call hunt pilot 9999 internally, only calling number and user displays on screen for all member...

fei he by Explorer
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