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In most of our offices the receptionists use ARC to route calls but we have a small office opening and the office manager does not want to use ARC.I would like the reception phone to be able to handle 4 or 5 lines so she can place calls on hold or tr...

I'm in the process of budgeting for an upgrade from CUCM 7.1.5 to version 9.X.  I have a question regarding the new licensing scheme.  In version 9.X is a license required for each VG224, FXO and FXS port?In version 7.1.5 VG224, FXO and FXS ports do ...

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Hey team, I have been configuring MGCP communication between our communication manger and a Siemens PBX. But I don´t have a DNS server at moment in our lab. Can I configure the Domain name field with IP of the router? thanks.

                   My Call Manager Express only has Config files for the 79XX series of telepbones. How can I get the necessary files to be able to use Cisco 6921?Also, since I don't already have the files in my system, will I have to purchase these ...

Resolved! 9951 in sleep mode

Hi,We have a 9951 phone, and when in idle mode the screen finally turns black (this is what we want)When in this mode and a call is send to the 9951 phone, the phone starts ringing, but the screen stays black.This is extremely annoying, because you c...

Is there a utility that can connect to my Cisco switches and pull the CAM table in a format that is useful (i.e. in a format I can get into Excel)? I need to cross-reference some phones with the switch port they are connected to.