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Hello,Anyone know if 3rd party SIP devices are supported by InformaCast 8.3 bundled with CUCM 9.1?  I'm not having much luck getting it to work and all of the documention says "Cisco IP Phones" so I'm not hopeful.  If not 3rd party SIP device, maybe ...

msloan by Level 1
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Hey guys,Is it possible to prefix and show a name for a particulat DDI.For e.g.A managed building with many companies and has got just one reception. So the receptionist can greet the caller how can we display transform the inbound number with a name...

Hi All,I am the process of labbing an upgrade that we have to perform on a customer. I have downloaded the two  iso image parts. Everytime i start the upgrade via call manager os admin after validating the first part i get the error "unknown error : ...

rramlal by Level 1
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Considering the figure below, my question is: Is it possible to filter a few number of calls to CUCM and bypass all others to PBX  E1 0/1/0 ?dial-peer voice 25295029 POTSdescription inbound call for phone 25295029incoming called-number 25295029destin...

Hello,In our environment we have two subscriber servers connected to two different core switches. Every subscriber server is dual NIC and we have performed teaming on them such that one NIC is connected to one core switch and other NIC to other core ...

Virstra001 by Level 1
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Hi All,Currently using a cisco router as my SIP GW.  My hope is to use this router as my sip trunk to my provider.  When i call the number assigned to the gw im getting the following two entries in the debug. //12/0E601AFD8035/SIP/Error/sipSPI_ipip_c...

rbblue234 by Level 1
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HiI have an issue with call volume on 3905 being extremely low. Is there any way of increasing the volume of the handsets beside the volume up and down keys on the phone. All the phone volumes are at maximum but the volume is very low. We using CUCM ...