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Resolved! CUBE Sizing?

I've been searching all afternoon and been unable to find a sizing document for Cisco 2800 and 2900 series routers with CUBE.I want to get a SIP trunk from my provider to replace our current PRI. I need to know how many simultaneous calls each router...

Resolved! E1 configuration

Hi all,I need to configure an E1 line on an H323 gateway. I need to use the 32 available channels for making calls. In the channel-group config we have the unframed option so all the 32 channels are being used. When using Pri-group one channel will b...

wissamnad by Beginner
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Resolved! Customize softkey

CUCM 6.1.5I am checking into the possibility of setting a softkey or line that can used as an emergency alert button to call the extensions of all of the managers in the organization at the same time (with the press of one button). This is something ...

arennick by Beginner
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We are currently running CUCM 7.0.1.I have a phone A (12345) that is setup to forward to phone B (12340) here are the settings:Phone ACall Forarward Settings          Voice Mail          DestinationForward Busy Internal                               ...

dtom by Beginner
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Hi,I want to user the Recording function on Cisco UCM8.  This requires an additional server called the recorder accessed via a SIP trunk.What are some good software-based products that are used for the Recoder that can be used with Cisco UCM (commeri...

ryabutler by Beginner
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I have programmed and saved both the user name and telephone number but the system erases the telephone number as the phone seems to reboot on a daily basis.  I have heard that this is a bug in the system as it has no power source to remember the sto...

riverintl by Beginner
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Anybody out there have 6941 phones deployed with call recording enabled?  According to the compatibility matrix, the phones are supposed to support Call Manger based BIB recording:http://developer.cisco.com/web/sip/wikidocs;jsessionid=F75FD6FBFC21918...