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Resolved! CUE 10.1.1 with CUCM 11.5.1 SU7

 am trying to get CUE (CUCM Mode) running on a 4331. I got 9.0.7 working grand but with 10.1.1 the WebGui doesnt work. Is 10.1.1 in CUCM mode ok or compatible with CUCM 11.5.1 SU7 ?? I presume 10.1.1 is designed for CUCM 12.0 or 12.5 running smart li...

keanej by Participant
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Hello Everybody, There are two type of calls in my scenario, only one Cisco 8945 phone used and its extension is 1000.  Enduser created and is associated with the phone. On CUCM, webdialer service is actived.I made a two test with the same phone.1. 1...

Dialing with .xml service during call

I've seen other forum posts regarding this topic but I can't seem to get this to function properly.  I have a customer that uses a dictation company where they call a number, leave a message for what they working on and either hang up or enter a key ...

CUCM Audit logs

Hi All, We suspect that one of our user removed all the phones from the PG application user. When I pulled up the audit logs and search by the extension or the PG application name, am not able to find any result.  How can I get to know who disassocia...

Resolved! Whats the ideal way to prevent SIP Re-invite options when CUC transfers calls

ITSP SIP->SIP TRUNK>CUBE>SIP TRUNK>CUCM>SCCP TRUNK>CUC AA I have been having a one-way audio issue when the originating call is from an outbound caller intiates a transfer through the Auto Attendant. I took a look at the debug ccsip messages and see ...

sam saeed by Beginner
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Resolved! Call waiting facility

I wonder if I can enable call waiting facility.Cisco Unified CM AdministrationSystem version: I am meaning is when there is an active call, people can still call the user. They will not get a busy tone when they dial their extensio...

ziqex by Enthusiast
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