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Not enough DSP memory?

We have now 12 channels but the problem is that we need 16 channels, but when I tried to configure it a message appears saying that we have no enough DSP memory. I tried to remove the ds0-group 0 to configure 16 timeslots but I can not. I have instal...

Call Preserve

Morning guys an girls! :)I wonder if anyone could shed some light on the call preserve feature under the voice class h323, I wanted to test if when failing between call managers using the h323 protocol whether when using the call preserve command wou...

Voice port issue

HiAm having a problem with an E1 running from a PABX to a Cisco 2800 voice gateway.when doing a sh voice por summ, I get the following, not all channels are going into the dormant state, the amount of channels increase/decrease at random, and starts ...

7912 phone corporate directory

Hi, We have a ccm server 4.1 versoin where 7970 and 7912 phones are registered. more than 60 users are created in the coroporate directory. we are using ccm directory. In 7970 phone all the 60 entries are displayed when we serch the directory. But i...

Campus Faxing

I have a 2600 with a PRI terminated and on a second 2600 on the campus I want to send a fax to the FXS port. What is the proper methodoloy for this? I wanted to translate and send to a dial peer but don't see how to a second router.Thanks for any gui...

pvoss by Beginner
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