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All, Doing some labs at the moment for DTMF and seeing some unexpected/strange behaviours!   I am using CUCM 11.5 with Cisco Jabber 11.9.3 and CIPC .The idea is to do some DTMF debugging between SIP and SCCP. Very simple intracluster calls from 1 end...

drbabbers by Participant
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I have a cucm 9  connected to 2921 router MGCP Gate way we use  FXO line  we tried to replace the FXO by SIP trunk  but when we try to make a call from out side to the call manager  the telephone ring but when we pick up the phone we don not hear an...

I have a solution that use CME as SRST. I have 5 t1's into the gateway. DOes anyone have a sample config using this scenario. I cannot get it to work inside the customer as an internal call (BACD) or from the PSTN. I do have the BACD config guide. Ga...

miket by Contributor
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Hello there,   I am having the issue with QoS on 4500-X running in VSS. Basically I cant see any packets being transmitted as per policy-map (the counter reads 0). The topology is like this: 3850----trunk-----4500x-----trunk-----Cloud Provider   I ha...

So I'm really not a voice expert but manage a voice system and have spent my day trying to figure out how to block toll fraud from our phone system. I was thinking of using a voice translation-rule to block outgoing called numbers that match the area...

zrunner626 by Beginner
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