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Hello community,   I have to configure a FXS port for a parlofoon, this a analog device close to a door which enable to ring a bell and user inside the office can remotely open the door.   I have configured this FXS port, but enduser told me if someo...

Schpice by Level 1
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We are currently running CallManager 11.0 and have a couple of questions:   1) Our DID number are 284-xxxx and 457-xxxx.  Our directory number are setup as 5-digit extensions - 4xxxx and 7xxxx.  Who converts the 7-digit number to 5-digits?  Our phone...

dtom by Level 1
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Hello,  We are installing a brand new ATA190 in our VOIP network based on CUCM10.5 but when I go to the web interface for the ATA I see a Reccovery Firmwarev1.1.0(000) asking for a file to upgrade firmware.  I tried uploading the .COP files we have i...

panregitt by Level 1
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  I have a remote site telling me their phones, main line on 6 phones, chirp briefly. Using call reporting tool, I can see the DN gets a 1 second ring. It looks to be from Unity, but I have no idea why. They tell me they don't have any voicemail mess...

Hello,   My objective is to delete all call log history in a very short amount of time (emergency evacuation) on every phones.   After a lot of research, I found few lines, in a .xml file able to do that (because the only way to do so is a factory re...

Hello,   There is this known issue with state "Off-hook" being activated after using for a while. There is this temporary fix with shut/no shut of the port but need a permanent solution.   Cisco IOS Software, UC500 Software (UC500-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M),...

raid_t by Level 1
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