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Dears,I am comparing two methods for call recording, mediasense vs Cisco QMI know Cisco pushes for mediasense now, but i have one issue regarding that, As you know using QM for recording will result the metadata to be like this:  But if you use media...

I have an ICM platform with ~ 200 Agents in Production.  I need to add 1000 agents.  Can I do this in a bulk import without having to export and then re import the existing agents?  Thanks

pheadden by Level 1
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HI, Does anyone know of a wait to alert an agent phone calls in queue? I see you can use the "Get Reporting Statistics" step to get the Contacts Waiting. Is there a way to use this and pump the output of an IF statement to an script and then create a...

Hello Friends,I am facing some issue with Day of the week and Time of the Day Pallete.I have configured these pallete in my script for the call to go on closed message on weekend and off office hours.Call is not matching this setting and goes to next...

Hello All, Recently CUCM(Version 10.6) is integrated with LDAP. UCCX(Version 10.6 ) agent user Id are created in both upper case and lower case in Active directory, agents have to type the exact user ID as in AD to login to CAD.  Agents getting frust...

Running 10.6Is there a way to run a resource report that will show all agent information without individually doing it?Other than real time reportingAs I want to pull reports on weekly or daily if new resources have been added. For instance will show...

Hi,We are currently running 10.5.1. We are experiencing a number of issues with this release and was told to upgrade to 10.6.1. I was wondering if anyone here currently using 10.6.X and if so would like to know how stable it is, and what was the reas...

lvo by Level 1
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