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Hello,I am looking for information about using the UCM Do Not Disturb feature on phones used by UCCX agents.CUCM 8.6 and UCCX 8.5DND offers two options - Ringer Off and Call RejectWith Ringer Off my expectation would be that the call would be present...

Hello,What would happen if a customer selects the courtesy callback option, they are just about to be called back because the estimated wait time condition is met.Then all of the sudden, a large number of agents log in and become ready.Would callers ...

Can anybody point me at documentation for, or otherwise have experience of, support for CAD in UCCX v10.x in a VDI environment. I am specifically looking at VDI on Wyse terminals but any comments on VDI generally would be appreciated.

Resolved! Version Mismatch

Greetings,I'm new to Unified Communications. I was asked to upgrade our CUCM to 9.1 from 8.03 and to leave our CCX at 8.x.  Is that possible?  I have no issues upgrading to 9.1 but will the system work if CCX remains at 8.x? Thanks for any assistance...

deanofmac by Level 1
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Looking for some general guidance and feedback:While I prefer agents with a single DN, I frequently end up with clients that have 2 DNs (Agent/Personal) assigned to their legacy phones. Tearing them away from this frame of mind when they migrate to C...

Everyonce in a while not often but everyonce in a while I am seeing this error message.It does not seem to have any effect on the system or any otyer server or application that is running.Could someone please explain to me what this is and where I sh...

jfkseb413 by Level 1
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