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Hi, I don't see a CUIC report and after looked in the Socialminer and CCX database I was also unable to find a table containing any UCCX Chat transcripts. I know a end user / customer can download a transcript of the chat at the end of the chat, but ...

Looking at the site for virtualization WFO for CCX it shows WFM server requirements and below that shows also AQM All in One OVA (Base + Record Server + SQL). These can co-reside with other Cisco apps in the same server. Question is: Since AQM is all...

raid_t by Level 1
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I'm trying to set up scheduled reports for PQ abandoned call reports but when I  create it, under the email tab It asks what type of report - xls, Inlinexxx as well as the email address of the recipient. It also auto-populates the "email view" which ...

iptuser55 by Level 6
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Dear All Please i have an issue with my incoming callsmy script is written to write all call info (Time, Date, Called number, Calling number and Agent Extension)for that in the option connect i set to NO so it can wait till agent reply then DBwrite t...

I have a CCX customer that is using Monet WFM that is migrating to WxCC but want to keep their Monet WFM.   the Webex CC Data sheet it states: Workforce management (WFM) integration●     Allows customers to integrate their existing WFM systems with W...

Can someone post the file for download? The link no longer appears to work, or post a Cisco link that does work, thanks.   This is the "broken link", I am trying to download the UCCX sample files.

Hello, Is there someplace that a step-by-step guide exists to do an upgrade of UCCX version 12.5 from SU1 to SU2? We just installed the system a few weeks ago and already see many bugs. We were told be a TAC engineer that upgrading to SU2 would solve...