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        This community is for questions about using Contact Center developer functions.
See the Contact Center Knowledge Base for answers to some common questions.
For production deployment issues, please contact the Cisco TAC.
For direct help with developer issues, please open a ticket with DevNet Developer Support.
Developer ticket support for Contact Center is only available for Finesse and Task Routing.

Forum Posts

No styling in web page (Screenpop)

Hello all,I am trying to get screenpop to open up with our internal ticketing system so that caller's cases can be loaded up automatically. Everything works fine in the sense that cases are loaded based on the ticket reference number entered during t...

Problem in import Outbound contact

Hello,I have a problem in import outbound contact. When I import a file of contact list, it works as I login agent in Finesse, it dial automatically. But when I import the same file again, it doesn’t works. But after a period of time (30 mins) it wor...

Report Definition

Hi everybody,I am struggling with a Report Definition and can't figure out what is wrong here:It is a CUIC V9 Lab Premium License connecting to a UCCX V9.SELECT applicationName, count(distinct day(startDateTime)) from ContactCallDetail where startDat...

m.woschitz by Beginner
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CVP 10.5 Reporting API question

Hi,I'd like to know if there is an API to access the reporting database, i ask this because on my experience by accessing directly to the database may cause low performance or data corruption.If someone have information regarding this i'll be very gr...

Resolved! Non-Gadget Sample IN IE

Hi,We facing issue with non-gadget application in IE but firebox working fine, is it any work around there to make it work in IE?.Error on IE console:index.html, line 108 character 17 network timeout retry 1 SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'xml' o...

Resolved! PCCE 10.0 system validation

I am getting the following error on system validation of DS. And this process is needed for HDS and for PCCE we don't install HDS (as its optional). Can i ignore this error ? or is it fixed with a ES? Currently we are using Unified CCE Version 10.0.1...

SocialMiner Customization

Hello Everybody!These days, I am looking for a social media solution for my customer. I had a look into SocailMiner but did not find it impressive. Do you guys have any idea? how can we improve front end, add a supervisor console and reporting area b...

the_qamar by Beginner
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Resolved! CUIC Sub Totals

I have created a custom report definition and report in CUIC 10 and even after adding a grouping the subtotals and grand total are Null. I've pasted a screenshot of the report output and group definition below.Is there are requirement to group by Dat...

Resolved! CUIC Authentication Logs

I'm troubleshooting an issue with CUIC authentication failures and I'm looking for the name of the service that I need to pull logs for in RTMT that contains the LDAP authentication process.  I've perused the 'Cisco Tomcat Security Logs' but this doe...

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