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Over the holidays, we had some Reps assigned a large number of Avaya skills to cover the call center.  For some of our routing scripts, the new skills were not seen.  I opened the real time report and it showed the reps in, as example, skill 1 but no...

Hello Folks        We are looking for some kind of documentations/informations about Translation Route to VR        Though we have been using Translation Route to a ACD but Translation Route to VR is something New in our environment        Could some...

Hi all,I have uccx 7 integrated with cucm 7. My uccx servers were not placed in a network domain but now after all of the configuration is done my customer is asking me if we could place those servers in MS AD Domain.Could that be done without proble...

Hi,I have uccx 8.I have a script with a menu. When calling from many different type of phones and countries the menu script works correctly.When calling from iphone the system gets 22 instead of 2 (I mean that the user from iphone press 2 but the scr...

liettig by Level 1
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Hi, I'm having trouble marking calls as handled for the CSQ. I'm basically trying to build a script that uses onexception step which catches when contact goes inactive (hangs up), I then check the duration of the call, and if the call is shorter than...

I have this newly installed UCCX 7.0 needs to be integrated with CUCM 7.1. I followed the steps for the integration with axl user created. Theintegration seems successful with the summary page. But when I checked in CUCM,  I don't see rmcm account ge...

qinzhou by Cisco Employee
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