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Hello I used create variable(s) as parameter then i can set this variable values in the Application. Now my current requirement is more than one UCCX application how to use a common flag/parameter. Is there any way to achieve? Please advice, it woul...

We juss switched to CCX 8.0 last week.  Everything has been working fine.  All supervisors could login and select their team which is only one called default.  Today one of the supervisors logs in to the supervisors desktop, but when selecting the de...

steve by Beginner
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Hey all,is there a way to have the MOH continue to play or pause the track, play a prompt, and then continue playing where it left off?At the present time the MOH restarts after every prompt places the contact back on hold.ccx express version is 5.0(...

rbblue234 by Beginner
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Hello, I seem to be having issues getting my supervisor to transfer emails to specific integrated agent ID's. Can anyone here direct me to what abilities an integrated supervisor has vs a stand-alone supervisor? From what I can tell. Integrated Super...

Hi thereFirst post ...Can you help me with automating reporting from UCCX7?  All I want to do is use some timed queries to run overnight and pull data out of uccx into Excel, or something more sophisticated, so that the call center management team ha...

Has anyone usual tips or experiences of this process. The 4.0(5) is a HA system.The problem is that there is no direct upgrade path to V8.0, we would have to first go to V7.0. The problem is that requires an upgrade license that can longer be obtaine...

billybjo1 by Participant
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Hello I get this message when I try to start Silent Monitor from Supervisor to Agent. I have ICM 7.5.1[Error Code = 0x00000005]:Silent Monitor session not started. The remote client is not responding.Verify that remote client is running and has silen...

Resolved! SNMP for UCCX8

Are there any Cisco docs on SNMP monitoring for UCCX8?In particular I'm wondering if there is a MIB that shows the Serviceability status?  For example "In Service" or "Partial Service"?Also looking to graph IVR port usage.ThanksBill

Hi All,I have different questions here regarding PG's & PIM's:1,How many PG's max we can have in an ICM?2,How many max PG's i can have in a single box(any MCS server)?3,How many max PIM's i can have in single PG?Also want to confirm about the signall...