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Hi,   We are facing issue with UCCX Sub as its status and all its services shows unknown in every 20-25 days. Also it is impacting cuic real time reports as all reports shows 0 and if refreshed it shows values but within few secs again it shows 0 and...

HI everyone, I am trying to get some information on average time to abandon in PCCE/CUIC version 11.6. It looks like to stock report definition does not include this metric. We have UCCX as well and this particular report is available as a stock repo...

Buenos días, Al querer exportar informes de detalle de agentes en Cisco Historical Reports a Excel se cambia la hora en dicho informe, por ejemplo si veo el informe vía WEB sale las 09:00am y al exportarlo en excel dice las 10:00am.UCCX version 11

Hi, I am trying to create a group of users on CCDM that only have rights to change attributes and agent team memberships of existing Agents. To be honest the CCDM security model seems overcomplicated and am getting very confused. Any tips on how I wo...

Hi there! I try to find any truthful information regarding ICM PG DMP Properties, regarding options "CallRouter is local" and "CallRouter is remote(WAN)".Does anybody know how this options is work?This option is play any role on state transfer / serv...


I've been trying to get UCCX desktop chat to work. I configured the URL and the login dialog appears, however when I put my username/password and click "Sign In" the widget goes blank with the wait swoosh in perpetuity, never actually connecting. I p...

rcfoltz by Level 5
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