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I'm running CCX 10.6. In CUIC when I run a CSQ report it's  showing CSQ's  that do not even exist, I'm suspecting they did at one time and the query is pulling inactive and active CSQ's what can I change in the query command to tell it to only pull a...

pdub716 by Contributor
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Hi folks, Have deployed UCCE 10.5 for Large deployment where AW-HDS and Logger are on 2 separate systems. I made a test call from Finesse and call landed to PSTN Mobile No. Am querying pod1_awdb view Agent_real_time, Skill group real-time, etc table...

Hello everyone,We have been planning to upgrade our UCCX to something higher.As I understand PCCE is a pre-packed solution that comes with almost all the features of UCCE but new features cannot be added to the existing package.What are the other lim...

Essam Butt by Beginner
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Hi Experts, I have a doubt with 'Expanded Call variable List' I am creating a ECC variable and assigning that ECC variable in the script using the Set Variable. Is there a way to see what Values are passed in that ECC variable with the help of HDS D...

S N by Beginner
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Hi, i am having this issue with UCCX 8.5  Error: "The timezone string is not valid" When Running Historical Reports When Historical Reports are run, this error message is displayed if any historical report is selected to run on the PC's local time: ...

Hi All, We have incident in our Cisco Finesse when one of the Agent is claiming that she experienced the scenario where she is currently on "Not Ready" state when suddenly the state automatically changed to "Ready" She never ticked anything but was ...