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Hi, I'm working on CVP 10.5. I want to route my call studio flow to a special menu after a period of time, for example after 60 seconds i want to prompt a special audio. But my call wont be ended, will continue after 60 seconds as well. Is it possibl...

Is there a way to present other call variable to the agent during the Reservation call other than AccountNumber, BuddyName, and CampaignName?  For example, the outbound dialer import file has the fields LastName, FirstName, AccountNumber, City, and S...

dchumbley by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Hi Team, I'm experiencing some difficulty on my CUIC reporting. I'm trying to create a report that can shoe the HandleTime on this format. hh:mm:sec. I also Would like to see the SL Total,. Please let me know if you can help. Here is My Custom Report...

Out of curiosity, why is there still no getLoginName() method for the finesse.restservices.User object? There is getExtension(), getFirstName() and getLastName() for the User object, and we can easily retrieve AgentID from (not well documen...

nikthoman by Contributor
  • 3 replies
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Hi,Would appreciate any advice or answer someone could provide on this query regarding UCCE v11.0 and 3rd party apps written using CTIOS.I recently noticed that there has been an end of life issued for CTI OS on UCCE:End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Annou...

I have installed the stock reports for CUIC.  None of them provide the information I'm needing.  I'm looking for a simple report showing the agent status changes and time stamp.  Technically, I just need to see Login, busy, and logout status.  I know...

pjsooner7 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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