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Resolved! FXO Problem

I have call manager server 7.0 with 2 GW 3945 include 4 E1 + FXO card and PVDM (DSP)  192+64+64 I have configure the GW with MGCP protocol and connect the E1 with Ericson, Alcatel, Mitel , it is working and I don't have any problem . But the FXO with...

zeincisco by Level 1
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Hi All, We integrated our 2800 voice gateway to a solarwinds application to monitor the E1. We had set the below oid on the solarwinds application. "cpmDS0Usage"        "" "cpmActiveDS0s"      "" "cpm...

Hello;        I am having problems regarding no audio in specific numbers. The scenario is               SIP TRUNK                                 SIP TRUNK                                 SIP TRUNK ITSP -------------------------------> CUBE ------...

ainaraza1 by Level 1
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I have two Cisco 2821 gateways connected through a site-to-site VPN. Gateway A has a dial-peer to allow calls to extensions on Gateway B. Gateway A Dial Peer: dial-peer voice 1000 voip destination-pattern 10.. session target ipv4: Gatew...

SIP UAS CALL INFONo.  CallId    Calling#       Called#        RmtSignalIP                                  RmtMediaIP     dstCallId SIPState       SIPSubState============================================================================================...

rferullo by Level 1
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Hello;         I am unable to hear audio whenever I dial U.S Numbers however every calls work fine except a single number which is also mentioned in debugs. I 've tried the same with ISDN PRI and the call works absolutely fine with no problems      ...

ainaraza1 by Level 1
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Hello all,  I have a 9971 phone that will not register, I have other phones (7960, 7970 , and IP communicator) all have registered just fine. this phone is set up in my CUCM 8.6 and has worked in the past. at this point the screen is reading "connec...

hallo everyone,  I have (maybe) a stupid question for you, i am not expert in VoiP but working in Networking.in our company we have a MPLS Solution which is working properly, everyone can call from one office to another. we want an other solution no...

I am learning CME and having trouble modifying the max extensions and max phones in CCP (Telephony Settings).  When I click to deliver the modified Telephony Settings, I get the error message: Configuration failed:  Configuring 'tftp-server flash:SC...