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SX20 license

I have three branches on which I want to deploy SX20, please help me know whether I have to procure three licenses for enabling multisite option or just one license is enough for all three branches. Please recommend which BOQ is correct: CTS-SX20PHD...

Resolved! DX-650 how many lines?

How many lines does the DX-650 support?  The data sheet doesn't seem to say.  Prime Collaboration Provisioning's template seems to support 2 lines.  But since this is a touchscreen without physical key limitations, I assumed the number should be high...

Inbound calling sip

Hello,I have setup a new sip trunk with itsp outbound calls are working fine but the inbound calls are not working attaching the debugs. the debugs shows disconnect cause 127  and SIP/2.0 422 Session Timer too small.how could i solve this.thanks 

CUCM - Supported Backup method

Hi !What are the VMware backup supported by CUCM and other collaborative applications. In doc-wiki it's mentioned till CUCM 10.0 only .Any other document which will officially confirm that whether it will support or not ? Thanks in Advance !!! 

gpsriramdc by Enthusiast
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