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Resolved! NEW CCME.

Brand new CCME right now i have only a basic setup with IP address mostly. I can't ping the ISM module at all. when i go into it the prompt i am at is this "ServicesEngine boot-loader>" when i try to reload it all get this loopingSRE Installation Not...

Current AD will be replaced by latest version of AD, all info going to be same including IP address, any CUCM precautions?

Our existing AD is going to be replaced by latest version of AD,All information will be same including IP address but just on a different  box.Are there any steps to be performed or how can I  check compatibility? 

MGCP T38 Fax Setup

I am trying to get a fax server setup.  The setup is:Gateway > MGCP > CUCM > SIP > Fax Server.  I can get it to work if I use G.711.  If I try to use T.38 the faxes fail with the error T30 Timeout T1.  When looking at Wireshark on the fax server, the...

mangusdms by Beginner
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c6921 hold and call

Hello,we are using a c6921 (SCCP- with CME 8.6.  If you make a call, press hold and try to make a new call, a messageabout no channels availabled is shown. It is strange because if you make a call, press transfer button, then you can make a n...