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Hi, we have a BE6K setup with CUCM v9.1, IM & Presence V9.1 and Enterprice license manager (ELM) v9.1. Does CFS require additional enhanced license ? After adding CFS we are getting "Insufficient license" error. Is CFS not considered as a device whic...

I have a CIPC connected to CUCM 8.6.2a, I have tried the latest ES CIPC code as well as latest CIPC code, What happens is the phone reigisters soon as you dial the cipc restarts. Hit vmail  button cipc restartsTo get it back I need to chage id then c...

miket by Contributor
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Does anyone know if the latest version of Cisco Unfied Communications Manager (R9?) can have a direct link to the Micrsoft mediation servers for Lync 2013?  For example, could you build SIP lnk/trunks in UCM that talks directly to the mediation serve...

voip7372 by Enthusiast
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We have a call that comes into the "Main Office" g711.  This call is transfered to the branch and transcoded on the the Main office router to g729.  This call completes without issue.  If the call has to transfered back to the "Main Office", one way ...

joeharb by Contributor
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Good day!Several days ago i've finally implemented new Telephony System based on CUCM. But some times we have a strange issue: When operator try to transfer call to remote destination (remote office, phone in this office is registered to CUCM) from P...

Hi Guys,I am currently studying for my ccnp voice and I have my Voice Lab set up at home. I have a SIP account that I use for outbound and inbound calls.I have all my dial plan configured and I am doing H.323. All my outgoing calls work fine. I can m...

soaliou123 by Beginner
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Hello,We are implementing a call accounting application that treats the CDRs of the Cisco CMBE 5K. We are facing a problem concerning the CDRs received by the system. How can we distinguish between an incoming transferred call, and an outgoing transf...