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    I'm trying to test an ATA-187 on our CUCM with a fax and when it answers on the first call it drops the call.  When the sending machine redials the ATA will answer and receive the fax.  I dropped the max baud rate on the ATA down to 2400 and it w...

jamize by Level 1
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I am doing some lab practice, and I can't get SIP URI routing working from UCM to CME. I have a SIP route pattern and a SIP trunk. The SIP trunk is pointed at the Trunk directly, not through a route group. When I use DNA, it forces me to put "sip:" i...

Resolved! CME with SIP Trunk

Hi Expertsi am facing problem when calling outside using my SIP trunk from ITSP. i am calling from my gateway using csim start number it shows folloing messagescsim start 38880951May 18 16:57:58.887: csim: called number = 38880951, loop count = 1 pi...

alap84 by Level 1
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We have a 3845 and we want to add a "VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1", and we install it in slot 0 as shown in bold in the show diag below.sh diag 3845 Backplane EEPROM:        Hardware Revision        : 1.0        Top Assy. Part Number    : 800-23093-01        Boa...

HIwe having following server1.       Call Manager Cluster (Publisher & Subscriber) 2.       Voice Mail System (Unity server) 3.       UCCX Server  can any one guide how to integrate uccx with call manger cluster.

Hi Everyone,I know this is not part of the VOIP telephone system, but this is an urgent inquiry from one of the client who has a legacy TDM- PABX system:- He is asking if we can integrate his phone system with his current IT Network- Also, he wants t...

moh123321 by Level 1
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                   Hi there, need hlep to setup voicemail box for one of our hunt group.                hunt pilot is 2222,  in the forward hunt no answer / forward hunt busy field set to 3333. At the momnet, if there is no anser in hunt group, call ...