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Hey Guys,We are replacing Nortel with CUCM/Jabber for a thousand users. While nortel's sound is quite high and loud, jabber's is comparitively very low. Is there any way we can improve this ? Phone to phone quality is alright. But jabber to jabber is...

Rajan R by Level 1
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Hi ...I have endpoint connected to Gatekeeper and endpoint register to CUCM. From CUCM there is Gatekeeper trunk to Gatekeeper. From endpoint in CUCM, it can call endpoint connected in Gatekeeper. But from endpoint connected to Gatekeeper it can't ca...

fara.rhea by Level 1
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Hi everybodyPlease consider the following example:              1)  analogphone----Voice gateway/CME-------sw---------ipphones.Above we are using a ISR which is acting as voicegateway and CME router.  Since  a single router is acting as voice gateway...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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I am uploading some new MOH files to my Callmanager servers, however the volume levels seem way too low and cutout when I put someone on hold.  My guess is the MOH translator is translating them at too low of a volume as they play plenty loud on my P...

NPT_2 by Level 2
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                   Hello,I am trying to bring up a new ISM but it is in service-module fail open mode.  Below is the relevant configuration.  Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong?interface GigabitEthernet0/0.5description Voice VLANencapsulati...

My company employes teachers aound the world and there has bee talk about handing out IP Communicator to them. Currently we allow our users to VPN to our Cisco firewall for access to our fileshares and voice servers. We are using Cisco AnyConnect cli...

Hi All,I have to perform a CME upgrade. The existing router is a 2851, whilst the new router is the 2951. My concern is the voicemail aspect. We will advise to clear all voicemail boxes before cutover however can the users voicemail pins and greeting...

rramlal by Level 1
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