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Resolved! Dial tone present on active call

I have a user on our CUCM 7.1 ( system with a 7940 phone running v8.1(2.0) using SCCP.  When she receives a call she will sometimes hear a dial tone during the call.  She says that the caller cannot hear the dial tone and if she transfe...

nmoore1978 by Beginner
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Dial Pad cisco7940 SIP

Hi,I had a CISCO 7940 IP phone with Callmanager and when I needed to dial, I pressed dial pad without pickup handset. Then, I pressed the dial button and call was maked using speaker.Now, I converted the ip phone to SIP firmware (version P0S3-8-12-00...

viniciusm by Beginner
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Resolved! CUBE as codec translator

I was testing codec translation feature of CUBE, but couldn't get it worked.Here's the call flow:IP Phone (5001) --> CUCM (as OGW) --> Gatekeeper (HQ-RTR) --> CUBE (HQ-RTR)  -->  CME (BR2-RTR, as TGW) --> IP Phone (3001).The symptom was: 5001 can rin...

Call Forward-all SIP Issue

It looks like there are a lot of posts about this, but I really haven't found a solution for my specific issue. I have a CME system at a remote location. They are using a SIP trunk for incoming calls. I would like to forward inbound calls to an exten...

Meeting Place dial out

I'm not sure exactly how to ask this question but here is what I have. I have CUCM 7.1.3 and Meetinmg Place 8.x.  The connection between CUCM and MP is a SIP trunk.  When a user logs in via the web to start a meeting they are given an option to have ...

users private lines

I have a question regarding pots lines into the system in a pbx mode.When I assign a line to a button on a user's phone to give the user the correct outbound caller Id. Will the incomming calls  on that private line go to that users mailbox on a ring...

Secondary dial tone issue

I wanted to confirm that do we get secondary dial tone  on analog phone connected to cisco voice gateway through fxs and  the gateway is connected to pbx (Nortel Meredian option 11 c)  thorugh E1.Regards

SJ SJ by Beginner
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