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Any help appreciated - I need to set two 7942 phone extensions to redirect to a script with menu prompts.  I have the script set up in CUE and the prompts work great but I have not found the missing link to get the extensions to ring to that prompt s...

Hello there! I have one question gyus. Its about CUCM. How can i get info about phones and numbers that are not using at this moment ( + log of date when it was stop using) Now i have 4000 + and i have to find numbers that are not using. Route plan r...

deepfree1 by Beginner
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Resolved! The SIP world

I'm trying to move from a full T1 environment to a full SIP one, and while reading multiple guides there are commands that keeps showing and I would like to know more about it from people with real world experience and I was wondering if you can help...