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Hi,i tried to find a way to connect the UCCX8 with my MySql database. I got the MySql JDBC Driver but i can't install this on my UCCX8 server.I use UCCX 8.0.1. Is there any way to connect mysql with UCCX8? Supported or unsupported?Thanks for all...Ch...

Dears,I have UCCE 7.2.7the security auditor requested to reset SQL sa password on AW,Rogger,and also CIM there safe procedure or action plan i can follow , what service that may be impacted and needed to recycle .?regards

I have a customer who is using QM to do their call recordings. Recordings are done at the desktop end, and transferred to the server nightly. The problem they are experiencing when the supervisor plays back a recording from the day before, about 1 in...

I am looking for anyone who has integrated an AVAYA to ICM and how they transfer call variables between to the two systems and also how they overcome differences in MI between IPCC and AVAYA CHT etcIn the Avaya integration guide you can define what c...