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Hello everyone,We have recently setup workforce management in our environment.  The person that set it up initially set it up so that the first day of the week for the schedule is sunday.  I would like to change this to monday, so that the schedule i...

Hello,In the Queue to Skill Group Properties, the "Consider If" column under the "Queue" tab is set to 1 (see attachment). This is how my predecessor had created the formula. Does 1 mean "if loggedOn>1" or at least 1 avail agent?Thanks,Matt B

fbushiri1 by Level 1
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I come from a Cisco Call Manager voice background.  My new job is involved with UCCE.  In traditional voice settings (not call center environments) we had mixed success and very little adoption of IP Communicator. My question is - are there large / h...

asafayan by Level 4
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I setup it up exactly as it shows here: run Postinstall on the voip monitor server and make sure my sniffer NIC is chosen.I checked Cisco Desktop Administra...

  HiI had just setup may IBM MSC-7815-I1  withe windows swerver 2003 OS thats cames withi the MaChineWhen I try to setupo the Contact Center I receive a message " Computer hardware provided by Cisco System ...."DOes any body have a sugestion ?

Hi all,Do you have if the product (standalone not integrated with ICM) supports the followinga) Would a single queue be able to consist of activities that are automatically (true branch) routed to agents and activities that are manually (false branch...

Hi CSC,I've just recently started a new job as a Call Routing Engineer.  This is a 7.2 UCCE environment that handles 100's of thousands of calls daily.  I come from a IPCC Express environment so needless to say - I'm drinking from the proverbial fire...

asafayan by Level 4
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Resolved! SQL 2005 Upgrade

Hello all,I upgraded my UCCE environment to CCE 7.5.5 in May but have not upgraded the Logger, HDS & AW databases to SQL 2005 yet.Our standard procedure is to give at least 48 hour notice of a potential outage to service and I have missed that deadli...