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We are a UCCX 11.6(su2) shop and I have a user who is asking if it is possible for CUIC to be connected via an API to an outside software resource?  The data would feed into a Tableau Dashboard via the Office Of Data Analytics Data Lake.Is this possi...

schwabcm by Level 1
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Hi EveryoneOur help desk agents were allowed to work from home on Xmas Eve and they told me this morning that Finesse kept disconnecting alot. I wanted to know has anyone seen this before and what can I try to fix the issue for them for the next time...

Hi All we try to custom call variable layout finesse on PCCE, we followed to guide in the document finesse Chapter: Manage Call Variables Layouts,but we don't succeed to used custom call variable layout for the incoming call.Below this my configurati...

2019-12-27_144941.jpg call layout.jpg expand.jpg Variable.jpg
mbieyasid by Level 1
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A common requirement in contact centers is to allow a supervisor to manually close the queue.  The typical approach I see is to create an XML file that stores the state of the queue.  When someone calls the contact center, the script reads the XML fi...

Hey experts, i previously shifted myself from UCCX to UCCE am studying UCCE SRND so recently i was trying to create agent for finesse on UCCE but everything on UCCE is different on UCCX we can simply go to cucm and create extentsion then we can assoc...