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Finesse Bandwidth Calculator

I'm working on a design for a new contact center and I'm trying to calculate the Finesse bandwidth required for a remote site.  This remote site is a satellite location for agents in addition to our two primary locations which also happen to be the h...

UCCX - Detecting a caller's device type.

We're adding a shift-to-chat feature to our main call flow script, but we don't want to redirect calls from landlines.We can pass landline calls to shift-to-chat without any issues, but their system will drop the call if it's not from a cell phone.So...

FLeland by Beginner
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Hello,We would like to integrate a cheap ASR/TTS solution with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express v8.5. We are thinking in VERBIO ('s a solution with plenty support of MRCPv1/v2. Do you think it could w...

UCCX ASR/TTS Questions

I have a request to investigate two options for our main corporate DID script:1. ASR  - A caller dials in and when prompted for a name, the caller can say a name and then be connected to that person.  2. A caller dials in and when prompted, enter the...

asafayan1 by Beginner
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New UCCX Session ID

Hello,This particular call flow starts in UCCX, then transfers to a Unity Call Handler.  If the caller selects a certain option in the call handler, it sends them back to the same UCCX application they started with. If the call returns back to UCCX, ...

Finesse Wrap up Reasons are not being reflected in CUIC Wrap up data summary Wrap Up Data List; CCX

Basically what the title says. I input new custom wrap up reasons in finesse and they aren't being reflected when i try to create a wrap up data summary report. I ran a wrap up data detail report and that was able to reflect the new wrap up reason.Ru...

Call Duration timer problem

Hello everyonei have set Maximum Call Duration timer to 30 minutes so my agents get disconnected in 30 minutes. but when they push Hold button the timer resets and they can talk for another 30 minutes . they don't even need to hold the call for a lon...

A ND by Beginner
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CUIC 11.6 "Date" data type bug?

Hey gang, need some quick help. We just upgraded from CUIC 11.5 to 11.6. Since we did, every stock report definition's "Date" field has changed from a "Date" data type to a "String" data type. All of the other "DateTime" fields are still "Date". This...

paul_k by Beginner
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