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Hey, i just jump from UCCX to UCCE i installed AD and and on other VM machine i installed SQL SERVER and ICM 10.0, i configure Domain Manager on that but after that whenever i open Domain Manger Window i get validation error complete error attach dow...

Hi, What if I schedule the current CCNA and do not have time to take it until it's superseded on 23rd of Feb? could I just cancel it 24hours in advance like it is permitted now or not? does any rescheduling would count towards the new exam? what are ...

Hello , Cisco finesse live data gadget is not working for some agents . Some agents gadget is working properely but some of them is not working ..They are using finesse with chrome and their chrome versions are same(latest).UCCX version is

Hi Team, Can I have the UCCE Call router TIP service details, 1. The purpose, Functionality,  2. Communication services / Components /Processes 3. TIP service is involving in the configuration loading of Router from the Logger ?? 4. Capturing the log...

thiselva by Cisco Employee
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We have UCCX version in HA mode. After migration to a new datacenter with ip changes, both servers masters. When i look subscriber status from publisher i see only UNKNOWN status for all services and vice versa from subscriber i ll op...

Hi All, I am trying to configure Finesse Force Wrap-up in UCCE 12 Environment. I am not finding any detailed documentation on Cisco guide. Tried making changes to the Agent Desk settings but it didn't work. If anyone has configured this feature, plea...

marulraj1 by Level 1
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We installed the UCCX cluster in 2017.  Part of the install was enabling FIPS on both servers and getting certs for ipsec, Tomcat from our Root. I was running through some config verification documentation this week and found that our Sub UCCX server...

RAustin70 by Level 1
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