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My Active UCCX HA deployment runs version 10.6, prior to upgrading it to 11.5, we cloned the original, renamed and changed the IP address, renumbered the triggers and CTI ports so now obvious clash was seen. This was done for agent training and testi...

Dear All,   I have few concern  about the agent transfer calls  whether its Agent or Customer disconnect .   Inbound calls :  I verified in TCD  CallDisposition value   = 13 for  customer disconnect  & =52 for Agent disconnect     For Dialer calls ho...

Hi All,I want to make a script so when all agents are busy, the prompt playing saying" are 4th in the queue".My problem is how I can make the prompt to get # from " Get reporting statics". I have seen some posts here which was very useful, h...

hamed1900 by Level 1
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Please any thoughts on replacing UCCX certificates with minimal disruption to agents/clients using Cisco Finesse?     *********Reason for this query ******* UCCX version:    To solve a reported issue last week,  Cisco Tomcat service o...