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Hi All,I want to make a script so when all agents are busy, the prompt playing saying" are 4th in the queue".My problem is how I can make the prompt to get # from " Get reporting statics". I have seen some posts here which was very useful, h...

hamed1900 by Level 1
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Please any thoughts on replacing UCCX certificates with minimal disruption to agents/clients using Cisco Finesse?     *********Reason for this query ******* UCCX version:    To solve a reported issue last week,  Cisco Tomcat service o...

Having a hard time getting Live Data 11.6 to work.  Here's the background: Classroom environment with previously working 11.0 solution, including Live Data in a distributed deployment - CUIC and Live Data are on separate servers.  All servers are DNS...

mkeutzer by Level 1
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