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Uccx 8.5reports showing long duration of not ready with reason code 32755. any thoughts on why this would happen/show. we do use reson codes, this one shows in reserved list in uccx admin and we do not use it. so how can it be showing and why would i...

I am wondering if anyone was able to successfully change domain name on CCX servers, and if the certificates were properly regenerated for new domain. I was able to change the domain which is reflected, however the cert trust stores still reference o...

Chris Deren by Hall of Fame
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Hello,I am attempting to delete some legacy users in CUIC, but when I try to delete some, I get this message:Failed to delete the user because it still owns other objectsI know how to modify the permissions on a report, dashboard, etc, but I do not k...

Resolved! UCCX License

Hello, I have an doubt about UCCX licensing:I have one CUCM Cluster 11.5 and one UCCX 11.5, can i add another UCCX as a Standalone Server?If enabled the field IPCC Extension inside the End User Configuration, this will consume one license at both UCC...

Running UCCX 8.5 SU3 HAI have a script in UCCX that makes a call to a Web Page so the Web Page can do some processing. I run a Create URL Document step and then a Create XML Document step.My issue is that it is only working when I am Reactive Debuggi...

tsuntken by Level 1
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Hello, We are going to upgrade to UCCE 11.5. I need a diagram with the UCCE 11.5 contact center servers does anyone have one.  Also, does the UCCE 11.5 still use AW/HD servers as well as router and pg servers and is the any new servers in UCCE 11.5 t...

We have a client looking to turn on voice encryption at the phone level as well as gateway/cube.  They have MediaSense which does not support encryption in this manner.  Has anyone used AQM/WFM on a CUCM cluster where encryption was enabled?

mzajeski by Level 1
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Hello evgeryone,  in UCCX 11.5 whenever I create a NEW queue and script the CSQ name is not getting pushed over to the Cisco Desktop Agent.  The functionality of the new script is there though.  Old scripts work fine.  Any ideas? Allreplies rated  Th...